A Diversity Discussion: Stedman Graham and Gregory Moore

Join bestselling author, Stedman Graham, and former editor in chief of The Denver Post, Gregory Moore, as they bring perspective, insight, and experience to a discussion on personal leadership, social injustice, and finding solutions.

Stedman Graham's Bio:

For more than 30 years, I have been writing books, teaching in colleges, working in communities, leading non-profits and speaking at workshops throughout the world. In all that time, I have come to know one thing: leadership is everything. The needs of the 21st century cannot be met by followers.

The world is changing at warp speed, and people must be able to stand on a solid platform of self-awareness, equipped with the tools required for self-leadership that allow them to adapt to the ever-changing technologies, ideologies and circumstances of their lives. Before you lead others, you must first be able to lead yourself.

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Gregory Moores' Bio:

Gregory Moore has 40 years experience in print and digital news operations. He was Editor of The Denver Post for 14 years during which time The Post won four consecutive Pulitzer Prizes, including for coverage of the Aurora Theater Shootings. Before joining the Post, he was managing editor of the Boston Globe, where over a 16 – year career he supervised coverage of numerous important stories, including Nelson Mandela’s visit to Boston, the Charles Stuart murder story that rocked the city and played a key role in launching the Spotlight investigation into the Catholic Church.

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Additional Resources:

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