The Genius of Women: Janice Kaplan

Join the bestselling author of The Genius of Women and the editor-in-chief of Parade magazine, Janice Kaplan as she shares her experience with conscious and unconscious bias and its ramifications in society, education, and the workplace.

Guest Bio:

Janice Kaplan has written fourteen books that have been published widely, and she loves looking at the international editions of her books and wondering what they actually say.

The Gratitude Diaries was a New York Times bestseller and Janice has traveled all over the country giving talks about gratitude and making a happier life.  How Luck Happens, continued the theme of finding positive ways to control your life. Her new book The Genius of Women could be a game-changer in how we think about women’s achievements. 

Continue reading Janice's bio on her website. 

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Additional Resources:

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