Sales Performance Materials

This Stream includes all of our Sales Performance Materials Flipbooks

  • Virtual Certification Slipsheet

    Virtual Certification Slipsheet

    Learn what the Helping Clients Succeed suite of online training is really like by reading this short document.

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  • Sales Leadership BaseCamp Slipsheet

    Sales Leadership BaseCamp Slipsheet

    View the content for the Helping Clients Succeed two-day training.

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  • Qualifying Opportunities Slipsheet

    Qualifying Opportunities Slipsheet

    Helping Clients Succeed: Qualifying Opportunities is designed to help sales teams consciously replicate best practices in order to achieve superior results in qualifying their deals.

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  • Negotiation Slipsheet

    Negotiation Slipsheet

    How well do your client-facing people negotiate? Learn more about the ability to negotiate well in this Helping Clients Succeed slipsheet.

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  • Filling Your Pipeline Slipsheet

    Filling Your Pipeline Slipsheet

    What if there was an effective, predictable approach to prospecting that could turn the cycle around and generate unprecedented conversion rates?

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  • Coaching Slipsheet

    Coaching Slipsheet

    Unleash the power of maximum deal advancement coaching.

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  • Closing The Sale Slipsheet

    Closing The Sale Slipsheet

    Influence decisions to achieve win-win outcomes.

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  • Account Planning and Execution Slipsheet

    Account Planning and Execution Slipsheet

    What would your key customers say about your account teams?

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  • Lets Get Real

    Lets Get Real

    An excerpt from the best-selling book.

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  • The Reflex Gears Assessment

    The Reflex Gears Assessment

    Gauge your level of listening when meeting with important clients.

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  • The 7 Habits Sales Tool: Habit 7

    The 7 Habits Sales Tool: Habit 7

    Learn the last habit of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Sales Leaders.

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  • Cracking the Code

    Cracking the Code

    5 Steps to a High-Performance Sales Culture

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  • Readiness Assessment Tool

    Readiness Assessment Tool

    Learn if you sales deal is ready to close with the help of this closing zone assessment.

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  • DIY Sales Training

    DIY Sales Training

    Don't be misled read our whitepaper.

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  • Sales Prioritization Tool

    Sales Prioritization Tool

    Find out who your top priority prospective clients are with this scorecard.

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  • Does Your Sales Training Measure Up?

    Does Your Sales Training Measure Up?

    Measuring ROI in your sales improvement initiatives can mean the difference between success and failure of those investments.

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  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective Sales Leaders Complete Collection

    7 Habits of Highly Effective Sales Leaders Complete Collection

    Learn the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Sales Leaders to help achieve your highest sales potential.

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  • Closing: Book Excerpt

    Closing: Book Excerpt

    Read the Excerpt of Our Best Selling Book.

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