The 8th Habit

This page contains the videos referenced in The 8th Habit book.

  • Legacy2:44


    The short film Legacy will give you a few moments to reflect on the core elements of your voice and four corresponding universal human needs - living, loving, learning and leaving a legacy.

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  • Max & Max15:55

    Max & Max

    Max & Max is the fictional story of Max the hunting dog and Max the customer service rep. It's also about a boss by the name of Mr. Harold, who manages his employees like he does his dog.

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  • Discovery of a Character12:21

    Discovery of a Character

    The central figure in this remarkable story is an Englishman who transcended a childhood spent as a street urchin to become a reasonably successful writer with a nice home and a loving family.

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  • Law of the Harvest7:10

    Law of the Harvest

    Mother Nature teaches the inescapable law of the harvest. All lasting results are produced in a sequence, are governed by principles and are grown from the inside out.

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  • A.B. Combs Elementary4:19

    A.B. Combs Elementary

    When in life can we start developing the moral authority and inner strength that flow from the four human intelligences?

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  • Stone8:28


    There is a man in Uganda who beautifully illustrates the power of allowing conscience to wisely direct our vision, discipline, and passion. His name is Stone.

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  • Permanent Whitewater5:09

    Permanent Whitewater

    We've developed a short, engaging video that describes the white-water conditions and complexity we now live in. It contrasts the past and the present and points to three constants we can rely on.

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  • Mauritius12:01


    Not only organizations or individuals can be trim-tabs; this film illustrates how an entire country or society could trim-tab its own success and culture.

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  • Big Rocks4:01

    Big Rocks

    In the book First Things First, we introduced a perfect metaphor for achieving life balance and accomplishing those things that matter most to you. We captured a live demonstration of this metaphor.

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  • Teacher11:52


    This film is the true story of Helen Keller and her teacher, Anne Sullivan.

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  • Street Hawkers3:29

    Street Hawkers

    What would you do if fruit vendors crowded around, messed up the sidewalk, and partially blocked your doorway on the day you opened your new store? What would you do?

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  • Goal7:31


    If you've ever watched one of your young children or grandchildren play soccer, you'll notice similarities in the challenge you face at work in trying to get everyone focused on the same big goal.

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  • Berlin Wall6:27

    Berlin Wall

    The Berlin Wall was up for over forty years - over two generations. Imagine how deep the division between East and West became in the minds and hearts of the people.

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  • The Nature of Leadership2:38

    The Nature of Leadership

    Set to inspirational music, thought-provoking questions illicit thoughts around how to lead others.

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  • It's Not Just Important, It's Wildly Important5:17

    It's Not Just Important, It's Wildly Important

    This film is based upon actual interviews we conducted with our own clients, not with actors. It illustrates the misalignment and lack of goal clarity that pervades most organizations.

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