The 8th Habit

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  • Walls6:27


    Stephen R. Covey shares how walls divide people who may be more alike than they think.

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  • Teacher11:52


    A true leader can overcome adversity and help others do the same.

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  • Discovery of Character12:21

    Discovery of Character

    Charles Dickens is the author of the famous book A Christmas Carol. What is the ultimate purpose of your work?

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  • It's Wildly Important5:17

    It's Wildly Important

    Do your employees know your wildly important goal? Keep score of your company's wildly important goal and watch how performance improves.

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  • Leave a Legacy2:44

    Leave a Legacy

    Life is incredibly short, so make the most of it! Is there something you've been meaning to do? Maybe someone you need to forgive? Live, love, learn, and leave a legacy.

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  • Big Rocks - Stephen R. Covey4:01

    Big Rocks - Stephen R. Covey

    Stephen R. Covey demonstrates how a paradigm shift can help you achieve the big things on your to-do lists while managing the little things.

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  • Max & Max15:55

    Max & Max

    Too often, people in the workforce aren't given the freedom or opportunity to give what they are capable of giving. Are we limiting or liberating each other in our teamwork.

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  • Mauritius12:01


    Watch how a small island located east of the coast of southern Africa worked with its diverse community to create synergy.

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  • AB Combs Elementary4:19

    AB Combs Elementary

    When this magnet school was seeing negative results, they implemented the Leader in Me program and watched as drastic positive changes took place.

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  • Whitewater5:09


    In the 21st century workforce, jobs can be unpredictable and chaotic like whitewater rafting. Stephen R. Covey shares some ways to adapt to these unpredictable waters.

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  • Goal7:31


    Only 1 in 7 people know the goals of their organization. That means 6 out of 7 people don't know how to help the company reach its goals.

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  • Stone8:28


    Have you ever been wronged by someone? Watch how one wrong act moved one man to teach others about forgiveness and to service his community.

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  • The Nature of Leadership2:38

    The Nature of Leadership

    Set to inspirational music, thought-provoking questions illicit thoughts around how to lead others.

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  • Law of the Harvest7:10

    Law of the Harvest

    If we want long term success, we have to live by a set of principles called The Law of the Harvest.

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  • Street Hawkers3:29

    Street Hawkers

    When street hawkers set up shop in front of a store, the store employees decided to seek a 3rd alternative.

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