Create a work from home routine that increases your well-being with Sloane Elizabeth

March 19, 2020 Patrick Leddin

Entrepreneur, author, and all-around-wellness expert, Sloane Elizabeth, joins me in the lab to discuss working from home. We talk about her typical workday: when she gets up, what she eats, where she works from in the house, how often she moves, etc. In doing so, you will get a picture of how you can become a healthy, more effective, and better version of yourself. In full disclosure, Sloane is a former student of mine at Vanderbilt University. When I learned that so many people will be working from home, I thought Sloane would be the perfect person to talk with about the topic AND she is just that, the perfect guest. Learn more about her work at

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Patrick Leddin

Patrick Leddin has benefited from both hands-on leadership and management experience coupled with academic rigor and expertise. Patrick served as a U.S. Army airborne, infantry, ranger-qualified officer, worked as a Project Manager at KPMG Consulting. His consulting work has allowed him to partner with clients in the United States, Canada, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Great Britain, Aruba, Iceland, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Guam, and many other countries around the world. In addition to his work at Leddin Group, Patrick is an Associate Professor at Vanderbilt University in the Practice of Managerial Studies where he teaches Corporate Strategy, Negotiation, and Advanced Marketing.

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