Identify Your Biases

Have you ever looked yourself in the mirror and asked, "Do I have bias?" Everyone does, so it is only a matter of taking time to self-evaluate. 
Our unconscious bias stems from the way we were raised, who we spend our time with the most, and what we believe. These biases are deemed unconscious because we don't consciously think of them. Due to all of these factors, it is sometimes very difficult to identify our bias. 
One way to identify bias is to make a note of comments you make about others. Ask yourself if that was a biased opinion of that person then try to take the necessary steps to not make those judgments again. Once you know where your bias slips out, you can correct those thoughts and actions. This way, your leadership skills will be able to influence more people because you understand all walks of life.


Unconscious biases are hard to identify, much less know their true impact. Before you can take steps to operate more fairly and effectively at work, you need to get your bearings. Download our latest guide: Seven Misconceptions About Unconscious Bias. 

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Evaluate the impact unconscious bias has on your team.