Reflect On Your Bias

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It's easy to get caught up in deadlines and deliverables and to avoid any sort of reflection, but reflection is where we find room for improvement.

Take time to reflect by actually scheduling a 15 minute window each week to deliberately assess yourself. By setting time aside, it will eventually become a habit. You don't need to leave your office. You can even fit it into the tail end of a lunch break, or the last 15 minutes of the day before you leave. 

Think about your interactions with co-workers, direct reports, or boss, and examine how you handled yourself. What did you learn, what can you improve, what didn't work?

Write down key takeaways and anything you intend to do differently. Keep the list on your desk as a reminder until the next time you reflect.

Doing so will make you a more mindful person and more importantly, you will learn from your actions.

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