The See-Do-Get model is one tool anyone can use to accept change. In this cycle, See are your paradigms or the way you see the world; Do is your behavior or your actions in your work; Get are the results of both your actions and your paradigms. You can start anywhere in this cycle, but it always moves clockwise. When trying to accept change, start in Get or the results section of the model.

Ask yourself, “in this particular area of my life, am I getting the results I truly want?” If the answer is no, then circle back up to your Paradigm(s) and ask yourself about your beliefs regarding the changes you are working toward.

Check in with your language, self-talk, and any other thoughts and feelings you may have about the direction you want to move in. From there, make some commitments to yourself around being more intentional and self-aware, and pledge to practice this model every single day.


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