How Are You, Really? Jenna Kutcher

Join New York Times bestselling author Jenna Kutcher as she poses the question: how are you, really? The marketing guru and host of “The Goal Digger” podcast shares how to build a bridge between your dreams and your reality, with practical tips on ways to face a fear of failure and step into the life you’re meant to live.

Guest Bio:

When Jenna Kutcher was 22, she left her corporate job, bought a camera on Craigslist for $300, and started her own business as a wedding photographer. From that single investment in herself, she built a successful company, a thriving podcast, a brand. But her driving force is never about working harder/smarter/faster/better. What Jenna Kutcher embraces is the simple notion that we, women especially, crave lives of fulfillment, lives of enrichment. That comes from investing, first and most importantly in ourselves and in our dreams. How to make that investment successfully is what How Are You, Really? is about.

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Scott Miller is a 25-year associate of FranklinCovey and serves as Senior Advisor, Thought Leadership. Scott hosts the world’s largest and fastest-growing podcast/newsletter devoted to leadership development, On Leadership. Additionally, Scott is the author of the multi-week Amazon #1 New Releases, Master Mentors: 30 Transformative Insights From Our Greatest Minds, Management Mess to Leadership Success: 30 Challenges to Become the Leader You Would Follow, and the Wall Street Journal bestseller, Everyone Deserves a Great Manager: The 6 Critical Practices for Leading a Team. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with his wife and three sons.

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