Episode 015: How to Build Skill and Respond to Low Will

As you lead your sales team you will work with individuals who have high skill and low will as well as individuals who have high will and low skill. Consciously determining who on your team is in what box of the skill will matrix will allow you to make good decisions on what to do to inspire each person to progress. When you have a person that is in the low will/high skill box you need to respond vs. react.  When you have a person who is in the high will/low skill box you need to displace poor skill rather than replace the skill.

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Jeffery Downs

Author and thought leader in consistent growth through conscious action. Leader in designing and implementing execution systems for Fortune 500 companies and translating complex strategy into the fewest number of executable targets. Also expert in architecting systems to translate strategy to front line leaders and managers. Dynamic presenter, conscientious facilitator and intelligent consultant. Clients with whom I have worked and delivered results include Intel, Comcast, Wegmans, Cisco, Symantec, Swift Transportation, Husky Energy, Discount Tire, Johns Manville.

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