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  • Human-Centric Leadership: Niklas Hedin28:18

    Human-Centric Leadership: Niklas Hedin

    Join founder and CEO of Centiro, Niklas Hedin, as he shares the impact The 7 Habits has had on what he calls a human-centric leadership style based in authenticity and transparency.

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  • 7 Steps to Create an Environment of Trust on Your Team

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  • The Art of Working Smart: Rick Pastoor29:43

    The Art of Working Smart: Rick Pastoor

    Join time management and productivity expert, Rick Pastoor, as he explores practical ways to work smarter, be more productive, and ultimately get the job done right.

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  • Climbing Your Mountain: Chris Waddell39:06

    Climbing Your Mountain: Chris Waddell

    Join renowned motivational speaker, author, and Paralympian, Chris Waddell, as he recounts how incomprehensible challenges in his life have flourished into an impactful career.

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  • Something Bigger Than Ourselves: Julie Lodge-Jarrett32:50

    Something Bigger Than Ourselves: Julie Lodge-Jarrett

    Join Senior Vice President and Chief People and Purpose Officer of DICK’s Sporting Goods, Julie Lodge-Jarrett as she discusses the incomparable value of diversity in the workplace.

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  • Your Story Matters: Kindra Hall41:27

    Your Story Matters: Kindra Hall

    Join bestselling author Kindra Hall as she illustrates how compelling storytelling can be used to create change, expand influence, and inspire growth in business and in life.

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  • 6 Key Communication Techniques to Build Trust and Inspire Your Team

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  • Selling Business: Ben Lamm29:58

    Selling Business: Ben Lamm

    Join serial technology entrepreneur and CEO and co-founder of Colossal Biosciences, Ben Lamm, as he discusses the most important factors to consider when selling a business.

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  • Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: Lori Gottlieb29:36

    Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: Lori Gottlieb

    Join NYT bestselling author, psychotherapist, and speaker, Lori Gottlieb, as she offers advice on the practical ways people can make the most of the work they do in therapy.

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  • Quality Inside and Out: Abigail Pringle0:00

    Quality Inside and Out: Abigail Pringle

    Join Wendy’s President of International and Chief Development Officer, Abigail Pringle, as she reflects on the importance of high-quality standards.

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  • How to Build Trust and Unleash the Potential of Your Direct Reports

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  • Leading with Purpose: Patrick Leddin34:12

    Leading with Purpose: Patrick Leddin

    Join bestselling author and speaker Patrick Leddin as he offers actionable advice on facilitating a culture that values transparency, adaptability, and a sense of purpose.

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  • Best in Class: Eric Grilly0:00

    Best in Class: Eric Grilly

    Join Cirque du Soleil’s president of resident shows and affiliate shows, Eric Grilly, as he recounts how live entertainment has evolved in recent years.

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  • #Girlboss: Sophia Amoruso37:10

    #Girlboss: Sophia Amoruso

    Join award-winning serial entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author Sophia Amoruso, as she shares her story of ambition, resilience, and hard work.

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  • Start Playing Offense4:17

    Start Playing Offense

    Learn from the bestselling author of The 4 Disciplines of Execution, Chris McChesney, on what leaders can do to help the organization move forward despite the whirlwind of the day job.

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  • Be a Better Leader: Thrive in the New World of Work

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  • Pushing the Limits: Doug Renfro20:20

    Pushing the Limits: Doug Renfro

    Join the President of Renfro Foods, Doug Renfro, as he shares the crucial role innovation and creativity play in the growth and success of any organization.

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  • 5 Ways to Create a Culture of Belonging Across Your Organization

    5 Ways to Create a Culture of Belonging Across Your Organization

    Until recently, having a diverse workforce was seen as desirable but not necessary. It could be acknowledged with a handful of initiatives to make progress for the future, but times have changed.

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  • Preventing the Unthinkable: Julie Cordua30:02

    Preventing the Unthinkable: Julie Cordua

    Join Julie Cordua, CEO of digital child protective agency Thorn, as she shares what leaders, teachers, parents, organizations, and every one of us can do to prevent children from becoming victims.

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  • Finding Value in the Bittersweet: Susan Cain28:33

    Finding Value in the Bittersweet: Susan Cain

    Join New York Times bestselling author and renowned speaker, Susan Cain, as she reveals the unique power that a bittersweet, melancholic outlook can have on a person’s life.

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  • 80% of your results will come from 20% of your activities - are you focusing on the right ones?

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  • Principles of Change for Upskilling Your Workforce

    Principles of Change for Upskilling Your Workforce

    Change is an ever-present part of running an organization. Today, rapid changes in technology, market dynamics, staffing, and consumer preferences have accelerated the need for upskilling.

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  • How to Do the Work: Nicole LePera30:05

    How to Do the Work: Nicole LePera

    Join NYT bestselling author, holistic psychologist, and highly respected social media influencer, Dr. Nicole LePera, as she offers tools to empower people.

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  • The Right Rhythm: Xavier Mufraggi25:51

    The Right Rhythm: Xavier Mufraggi

    Learn from Young Presidents’ Organization CEO, Xavier Mufraggi, as he reflects on the ways a leader is, in fact, the culture of an organization.

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  • How to Manage Your Time: 7 Tips For Doing What Matters Most

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  • Contagious Influence: Jonah Berger27:45

    Contagious Influence: Jonah Berger

    Join New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Jonah Berger as he shares his research on consumer behavior and the science behind why people do what they do.

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