Your Goal or Your Job...

goal_job_blog_img.pngHappy New Year! I can’t believe it’s 2017. Remember Y2K and the prediction that computers around the world would crash when the date changed to 1/1/2000?  We thought the world was going to come to a screeching halt then and I’m glad to say we’re still here.

It’s only appropriate that I address the topic of setting goals for my first blog of the year. When I ask sales people what their goals are, I find it fascinating that most rattle off their annual sales goal. They may say something like, “$4.2 million in TCV” or, if they are paid on gross profit, something like, “$1.8 million in GP.”

May I offer a different point of view? I don’t think an annual sales target is a goal; I think it’s a sales person’s job to hit it. It’s what we get paid to do. It might help to think about this perspective with regard to other professions. Putting out fires is not a firefighter’s goal; it’s her job. Her goal might be to decrease the amount of time it takes to reach a fire. An NFL quarterback’s job is to win games. His goal might be to decrease his interception rates.

So…what’s your goal for 2017? Have you taken the time to think about what you want to do? The fact is, you have 52 weeks ahead of you to do something amazing. If you don’t know what your development goal is for this year, it’s time to ponder what you want to be different about this year.

If you’re like me, time seems to be moving faster and faster. Last year is gone forever. The future is ahead of you, so how will you make it a happy new year?  Please share your goals for 2017 with the rest of us.  


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For over two decades, Sean Frontz has helped people get better at what they do. For the last 10 years, that has been solely focused on the world of sales and business development. Sean engages at the leadership level to help leaders develop themselves and the people they lead.

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