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Organizational visions are at times hazy and imprecise, leaving people wondering “what” they are supposed to do and “how” they are supposed to do it.

Effective leaders create a vision of where they are going and why. They are able to link to an aspirational purpose that inspires people to think bigger and find meaning in their work, especially during difficult times or change.

Inspiring team visions are aspirational, require us to think BIG and stretch, can be measured, and are related to the organizational vision.

When creating your team’s vision, answer these questions:

  • What are the contributions only our team can make to the organization’s mission?
  • If our team could make one extraordinary contribution over the next one to five years, what would it be?
  • If our team dissolved, what impact would that have on the organization?

If your team already has a vision, does everyone on your team know and understand it? Can they articulate it well?

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