Build Your Capabilities


Capable people and organizations inspire confidence. Capability is your capacity to achieve results and includes your talents, attitudes, skills, knowledge, and style.

  • Talents: What are your unique, native strengths?
  • Attitudes: Do you approach work with energy and the determination to contribute?
  • Skills: Do you continuously upgrade your skills?
  • Knowledge: What are you doing to stay current and keep learning?
  • Style: Does your style of doing things get in the way or ease the path?

You can build your capabilities by:

Running With Your Strengths: Feed your strengths. What are they? Where are your natural talents? What can you do best? Starve your weaknesses by teaming with others who are strong where you're weak.

Keeping Yourself Relevant: Match your strengths to opportunities. Where can you make a unique, high-value contribution?

Knowing Where You're Going: Specify your distinctive contribution and keep the vision of it before you from now on. 

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