Focus on the Wildly Important

January 28, 2019 FranklinCovey Content Team


Chris McChesney said, "There will always be more good ideas than there is capacity to execute." By focusing on the most important goals and ideas, your efforts will be magnified.

Execution starts with focus. You need to focus your finest efforts on one or two goals that will make all the difference, instead of giving mediocre effort to dozens of goals. When choosing your goal, you must prioritize the wildly important.

A wildly important goal is a goal that can make all the difference. You're going to commit to apply a disproportionate amount of energy to it—the estimated 20 percent that is not used up in your day job (otherwise known as the whirlwind).

Choose a wildly important goal that represents the most critical gap your organization must close and focus your finest efforts on it. Create a clear starting line, finish line, and deadline (From X to Y by When).

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