Cleaning Up Your Management Mess With Scott Miller


In our inaugural episode, Patrick sits down with new author, Scott Miller, to discuss his book Management Mess to Leadership Success. Patrick and Scott talk about Scott's leadership journey from mess to success.



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Guest bio: 

Scott J. Miller is Executive Vice President of Business Development and Chief Marketing Officer for FranklinCovey. Scott has been with the company for 20 years and previously served as Vice President of Business Development and Marketing. His role as EVP and Chief Marketing Officer caps 12 years on the front line, working with thousands of client facilitators across many markets and countries. He is the author of Management Mess to Leadership Success: 30 Challenges to Become the Leader you Would Follow and co-author of the upcoming book, Everyone Deserves A Great Manager: 6 Critical Practices for Leading A Team.


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About Leadership Lab:

Join Dr. Patrick Leddin every other Wednesday as he speaks with authors, thought leaders, athletes, entrepreneurs and other influential leaders as they challenge the status quo of leadership to explore new ways to lead and find success. Leadership Lab with Dr. Patrick Leddin is presented by FranklinCovey.


Go from a management mess to a leadership success. Join Scott Miller for a live webcast and learn more about the 30 challenges that all leaders face. 

About the Author

Patrick Leddin

Patrick Leddin has benefited from both hands-on leadership and management experience coupled with academic rigor and expertise. Patrick served as a U.S. Army airborne, infantry, ranger-qualified officer, worked as a Project Manager at KPMG Consulting. His consulting work has allowed him to partner with clients in the United States, Canada, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Great Britain, Aruba, Iceland, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Guam, and many other countries around the world. In addition to his work at Leddin Group, Patrick is an Associate Professor at Vanderbilt University in the Practice of Managerial Studies where he teaches Corporate Strategy, Negotiation, and Advanced Marketing.

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