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Developing and retaining talent is a challenge that all organizations face, with varying degrees of success. It can be difficult to focus your efforts when your attention is being pulled in so many directions. If we are not careful, our attention will focus primarily on our star players because they're potential is so easy to see and cultivate.

When developing talent, take time to organize your employees into three categories: Superstars, Wannabes, and Possibly be On Another Bus (POABs). Superstars are obvious. They knock challenges out of the park and are always willing to step up to the plate. People love working with them and they help the organization win by achieving its goals and mission.

Wannabes are wannabe superstars. There is a lot of potential in this group, which is why it’s critical to invest in them. They just need a little more direction to develop their superstar skills, but the raw talent is there.

POABs either do the bare minimum and are compliant at best or can’t see they have the complete wrong skill set for the job. They don’t swing for the fences or seem to even care about scoring. They might be good people, but you will want to focus on the superstars and wannabes because the return on investment for those people far outweighs anything from a POAB.

Don't let potential go to waste. Take your average players and turn them into superstars with the right training and attention.


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