There Are No Quick Fixes

As Donald L. Kanter and Philip H. Mirvis write in The Cynical Americans: Many companies undertook programs in hopes of gaining a quick fix for productivity, quality and morale problems. Such innovations were marked by fads and easily recognized as a sham. Cynics aptly called this the "program of the month" approach to change.
Programs of the month are characterized by external treatments of internal problems, by an outside-in approach. But quality cannot be injected in, it must flow from the hearts and minds of the people doing the job. To get quality, we need a principle-centered, character-based, inside-out approach, meaning that we start with ourselves our paradigms and motives. This often requires personal changes not personnel changes as it requires us to function effectively on four levels on the basis of four principles: Personal trustworthiness, Interpersonal trust, Managerial empowerment, and Organizational alignment.
When you are trying to change the culture of your organization, it will take time and energy from everyone. Educating on unconscious bias will take time and training but will only make your organization more effective and effecient.


Unconscious biases are hard to identify, much less know their true impact. Before you can take steps to operate more fairly and effectively at work, you need to get your bearings. Download our latest guide: Seven Misconceptions About Unconscious Bias. 

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